The menus – English

The menus change regularly. The chef selects the best and freshest ingredients available from our producers and suppliers.

We can offer a variety of vegetarian options

Menu Origine – 2 courses*

Take a stroll around what’s essential, focusing on what counts.

A starter and a main course , or alternatively, a main course and a dessert – € 29.00

* lunch, weekdays only (excluding weekends and public holidays)

Menu Bucolic – 3 courses

Talk a proper walk, an enchanted break.

A starter, a main course , and dessert – € 45.00

Menu Symphony – 5 courses

2 starters, a fish dish, a meat dish, and dessert – € 70.00

Menu Saturnalia – 7 courses*

Absolute fullness or allegory of happiness

3 starters, a fish dish, a meat dish, and 2 desserts – € 90.00
* all guests at the table must order the same this same menu

La farandole cheese cart – € 10.00

Make the pleasure last: your choice of coffees, digestifs and herbal teas.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know about any food intolerances or allergies. We can provide a list of allergens on request.

All our meat is sourced from France.