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Isabelle Pelletane exhibits at Le Cérasus

Exposition au Cerasus d'Isabelle Pelletane
Isabelle Pelletane exhibits in Saint-Savin at Le Cérasus

The artist Isabelle Pelletane

Born in the Paris region, Isabelle Pelletane lives and works in Poitiers (France).

In this exhibition, Isabelle shares features which range from abstraction toabstract expressionism.

The inspiration for these paintings comes from many sources: nature, the earth, the essential elements, even vibrations. She endeavors to express the force of vital energies, leaving traces on the canvas, stains freshly strewn with splashes, drips, in warm and luminous colours, just like so many
imprints of our own life on earth.

Isabelle works her material in a spontaneous, dynamic and instinctive gesture, her technique is full of rhythms and movements. The canvas has become the fertile ground of her heavenly gardens, joyfully coloured. A virgin territory, in which she cultivates new creations, based on her own
introspections, observations, and questions. A real “cultural broth”, an inexhaustible source of life and freedom. Her work has been seen in numerous exhibitions throughout France, as well as abroad, and features in many private collections.

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